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    Day 61 – Kirklareli -> Corlu

    June 9,2006 – Kirklareli -> Corlu
    Distance (km) : 116
    Time on bike : 5h 35m
    Average speed : 20.30 km/h
    Total (km) : 3557

    It rained and thundered all night. Rarely have I experienced anything so wild in nature. The rain stopped at 10 o’clock as I was getting breakfast ready in the tent, and had my thoughts on the program for the day.

    I put on my watertight socks, cycling shorts and rain jacket, packed the tent wet, and took off.

    To see the joy in cycling in such hard rain is a test for me- which I have to deal with now and again- which I have yet to pass.
    The rain stopped, my legs were warmed up. I tanked up the bottles with water from an anonymous petrol station, and otherwise splashed through water puddles like a little boy on the very fine Turkish asphalt.

    With only a day and a half to Istanbul, the expedition’s warm up phase is nealry over, and the bigger challenges can begin.

    I haven’t had a bath in 330km and am feeling rather sticky- even after being doused by rain this morning.

    Folks here in Turkey drop their jaws when they hear I have cycled from Denmark. It makes me feel a bit like Baron Von Munchausen. Maybe I should change my tactics; and just say I am on my way to the capitol, Istanbul, or am on a charter vacation- something more reasonable…

    Relatively uninteressting on the road today. I just put my head down and pushed the pedals. Arrived at the city of Corlu, where I found a little expensive hotel (75 DKK), but I was tired, dirty, the town was poor with hotels and the World Soccer Championship was about to kick off in Munich. When I saw the TV in the hotel room I was quick to decide to stay- despite the horrible value-for-money…

    On this day..


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    1. Bex Says:

      Vammel fyr 😉
      Ikke bad siden 330 km…

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