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    Day 62 – Corlu -> Istanbul

    Day 62 – 10JUN06: Corlu -> Istanbul
    Distance (km) : 113
    Time on bike : 5h 20m
    Average speed : 21.11 km/h
    Total (km) : 3670

    Ahh, the Turkish beer last night made me very relaxed, and I managed to see the second football match to it’s end before the Sandman did his work on me.
    Have an uneasy feeling this morning because of the uncertainty about Istanbul, which I do not know all that much about. No guide book, no map, and my search for both in the very un-touristy Corlu does not pan out. At an internet cafe I read a little about Istanbul, it’s sites, scams, hotels, etc.
    Am a little claustrophobic in Corlu, which I just want to get away from now. The weather forecast is a little uncertain. I know that I have at least 100km ahead of me before I reach Istanbul, and the time is already past noon before I leave Corlu- whose main road is a Mud-Hell after the intense rainfall of the past few days.

    Cycling in to a metropolitan area with a population of 14 million, without a clue as the where to go, and how- and without a map- is not my idea of preparedness. Well-well, as soon as I am on the road again I feel better. “Left and 100km” are the directions I get from a man I ask on my way out of Corlu. The day’s course is set.

    Still, I had a pretty introverted day. I’m sure to get there today, so I knew it would be a long sore day in the saddle. Didn’t smile to many, and ignored all the otherwise friendly honks from car horns I meet constantly on my way.

    My spirits lifted as I saw this welcoming sign at the outskirts of Istanbul:

    Find the Sultanahmet part of town and check a few different hotels before I decide on New Backpackers Hostel for 15 Turkish Lira (1 Lira=3,80DKK). The area is full of travellers, restaurants, hotels showing the World Championships on large TV screens, and I feel great having arrived- and being here. Just what I needed. The street i stay on reminds me og Bankok’s Khao San Road.
    Saw The Blue Mosque during my evening stroll, accompanied by the full moon.
    Staying in a dormitory with 6+6 sex-seperated beds. Complimentary breakfast and internet.

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