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    WT Memorable Accommodation 2006-2009.

    Over the last 1.250 days I’ve slept in an awful lot of places, locations, beds, wild camps, and private homes. Enough to make one feel homesick, I guess.

    I’ve made a list of some of the most memorable accommodations (non-wild, non-private) over the last 3½ years. The reasons for my choices vary greatly: some places (like that Kashgar hotel) just felt like Paradise after long periods roughing it, other places (like that luxury beach bungalow in Vietnam with my family in 2006) were pure indulgence, while other places were downright weird (like that double-decker bus in Australia).

    And though most of my private stays, with friends or strangers in their local environment, around the world generally make for stronger, deeper relationships and memories (and often more comfy beds!), these are not included in the following list (but huge thanks to all who helped me out along the way).

    1. Matafonua Lodge, Foa Island, Tonga.
    2. Global Village. Greymouth, New Zealand.
    3. Rumah Saga, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia.
    4. Hotel. Kashgar, Western China.
    5. Bamboo Village. Muine, Southern Vietnam.
    6. Night Bazaar Condotel. Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.
    7. Ubud Guest House, Bali, Indonesia.
    8. Double-decker bus. Batchelor Butterfly Farm, N.T., Australia.
    9. Continental Hotel. Saigon, Southern Vietnam.
    10. Rainbow Lodge. Taupo, New Zealand.
    11. Loki Hostel. La Paz, Bolivia.
    12. Mubinjon Guest House (extra photo here), Bukhara, Uzbekistan.
    13. Bahodir B&B, Samarkand, Uzbekistan.
    14. Luxury apartment, Varna, Bulgaria.
    15. Alamo Hostel, Mendoza, Argentina.
    16. Hostel Trail, Popayán, Colombia.
    17. Loki Hostel, Máncora, Peru.
    18. Hotel Garden View, Kathmandu, Nepal.
    19. Hotel Octagon, Pokhara, Nepal.
    20. Tblisi Guest House, Georgia.

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