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    WT article in Danish paper (Danish only)

    As has been the norm every fortnight over the last three years, I had a WT-article in the national paper MetroXpress last Friday. It’s all in Danish, but here goes anyway…

    MetroXpress 03APR2009, Part 1

    MetroXpress 03APR2009, Part 2

    Metro 1

    Metro 2

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “WT article in Danish paper (Danish only)”

    1. domi Cantoni Says:

      I am toche bouffil’s onkel.
      he said yu should arrive Mexico within short & probably b trough france on yur way back home somle time later.
      if yu happen to bike trough Marseille , let me know in advance :
      i would b glad & honoured to bike yur last 100 kms to marseille together.

      Vibeke (min kune) er dansk …. so

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Domi…

      You are right: I’m on my way to Mexico and Christophe in Mexico City. There is quite a big chance that I’ll pass through Marseilles on my way back to Denmark. Thanks for the open doors, and I will let you know. Would be great!!!

      Say hi til Vibeke and hopefully see you down the road…


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