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    Day 1.085 – 3 countries in just one day (UK)

    Somotillo, NI -> El Amatillo, ES via HN
    Distance (km) : 138
    Time on bike : 7h 05m
    Brutto time: 08.30 – 18.30
    Avg : 19.5 km/h
    Max.speed: 47.7
    Total (km) : 43.943
    Altitude: 50m
    Difficulty: 4 of 5

    My last brekkie in Nicaragua...

    It’s another mad cycling day. I leave Nicaragua in the early morning, manage to cross Honduras (well, the southern bit of it, truth be told) in a day, and enter El Salvador early in the evening. 3 countries in just 1 day on a bike. That’s a first of for me, and proudness (along with tiredness) fills me once I settle down in that terrible brothel room (more below) in El Salvador.

    Welcome to Honduras! WT-country # 34

    Tune of the Day: You Came – Kim Wilde (yep, that old classic is still full of pure energy to me)

    Another excruciatingly hot day. Honduras 2009.


    Bridge over not very troubled waters. Honduras - March 2009.

    Fine (and very hot) cycling in Honduras...

    Hacienda, Honduras.

    Mangos and cashew fruits.

    Mango murder...

    Laundry service under the sun...

    Settlement, Honduras.

    Honduran bush near El Salvador's border town El Amatillo...

    Cattle + shadow

    Sunset on the Honduras/El Salvador border...

    Welcome to El Salvador! WT-country #35.

    One of my worst nights ever was in this room on the Honduras/El Salvador border town of El Amatillo (ES side): No water, no electricity (=no fan to cool me down, 30 degrees C through the night in the room), mosquitoes, yes, urine smell, yes, high-heeled (hooker?) shoes in the corner, yes, dirty, oh yes!, cheap, yes (4 USD), bad value, yes, just-wanna-leave-this-place-feeling, YES!

    Spartan room (brothel?) in El Amatillo, the border town on the Honduras/El Salvador border post.

    On this day..


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