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    Day 85 – Visa Mess in Ankara…

    After a hefty breakfast I am ready for the Turkmenian Visa troubles today. At the Embassy I was met by a man that I did not share any language with, so it became a very staccato-like conversation we had. Very anxious to see what will become of this visa negotiation – many other travellers I have spoken with, or read about, have simply dropped the idea of travelling through Turkmenistan for the simple reason of the beauracracy and paper work. I understand them fully. The first thing I am told is that I must go to the Danish Embassy, and have them declare that I need a transit visa to Turkmenistan! It took the man five tries before I understood what he meant. Bummer. I packed my friendly smile, and quickly found the Danish Embassy (complete with the Dannebrog (Danish national flag) flapping in the wind!), where I was yet again nonplussed. The Consul, the only person with authority to write the 2 bloody lines for me, was out of the office, and noone seemed to know when he would be be back. Not what one would expect of the Danish Embassy, now is it? I was becoming a bit of a grump as the Turkmenian embassy nearing it’s closing hour. I thought of alternatives, as I could not bring myself to wait yet another day for a consular letter, so I dashed off to the Norwegian Embassy, with the hope that they could possibly still remember that Denamrk and Norway were once- many years ago- one country, and that the friendship between the two countries was still intact, and that they could- therefore- be able to help me in my peculiar situation. But the Norwegian Embassy had moved from Embassyland, where I was, to outside Embassyland, and I did not have time for the taxi ride there. If anything should happen with that visa today (and it SHOULD!), it had to be now. So, I ran back to the Turkmenian Embassy, filled out the forms and shot off some white lie about the Danish Consul being on vacation, and noone knew when she/he would be return. Said, too, that I had also spoken with the Norwegian Embassy- mostlt to prove how good my intentions actually were.
    He didn’t like that, the Turkmenian. “Problem, problem”, he said repeatedly. In the “school of travel” I have learned one should not be discouraged by this phrase, so out of context. Our staccato conversation was also way out of context. I whipped out my business card from my old workplace, Jysk Rejsebureau, and showed the man I was not just Mr. Anybody (it was my hope the man would think this, at any rate!). Already when I first set eyes on him, I had whipped out my ” Worldtravellers.dk” card on the table, so now he had 2 cards from me. He could eat that lousy letter from the invisible counsel from the Danish Embassy, and just give me the visa, he could!
    I was given a blank sheet of paper and was asked to write the letter myself. The way the Counsel would have. Now that’s what i call respect. I straightened up, and wrote with a sure hand that the Turkmenistan Embassy had just better give me the damned transit-visa (5 days, only). Mission accomplished. I was a bit taken aback by the absurdity of the whole scene, as a little past closing time, I left. The visa, if all goes well, I can pick up and pay for in Ankara in 10 days.

    Relaxed with the animals in the park afterwards…


    and the flying rats (as the Krakow boys called them)…


    On this day..


    3 Responses to “Day 85 – Visa Mess in Ankara…”

    1. Alper Says:

      Held og lykke (: ..

      Respekt til jer mennesker der goer hvad i vil ..

      P.S Nicolai, hyggeligt at moede dig her i Gölbaşı ..

      Kan i have en god rejse ..

    2. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Alper – Yeah, the world is a very tiny place sometimes…Nice talking to you as well. Haven’t spoken Danish for ages, it seems. Enjoy the rest of your holiday here in Gölbaşı and good take care of all your folks back home in Odense, Denmark!


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