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    Day 86 – Shangri-La and The Turkish Mannequins…

    The longer I stay in a place, the harder it is to hold the opinion that the place is tame and has nothing to offer the visitor. If you keep your arms and mind open, any place will reveal its qualities and specialities (which aren’t necessarily written about in travel guides). It is an art to keep focussed on what a given place offers and at the same time look away from the place’s obvious lacks (monuments, panoramas, etc.) But I am convinced that if we, in the schools of Life and especially Love, mastered this art; we would find ourselves a little closer to Shangri-La…

    Photo tour around the streets and paths of Ankara…






    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Day 86 – Shangri-La and The Turkish Mannequins…”

    1. Anne Jensen Says:

      Hej Nicolai

      Det vil jeg dig helt ret i.
      Synes det er ret sejt det du gør.

      God tur

      Hilsner fra en gammel nysgerrig skolekammerat fra Lillebæltskolen.

    2. Fjumse Says:

      Hej Anne…

      Det var overraskende at høre fra dig! Tak for beskeden. Håber også stadig du har medvind på din vej…

      Venligst, Nicolai (1.A til 9.A 🙂 )

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