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    Day 1.086 – A Tough One (UK)

    El Amatillo -> Usulután
    Distance (km) : 109
    Time on bike : 5h 51m
    Brutto time: 07.40 – 15.40
    Avg : 18.6 km/h
    Max.speed: 48.9
    Total (km) : 44.052
    Altitude: 120m
    Difficulty: 4½ of 5

    It was one of the worst nights for a long time. The temperature in my hooker room (hooker-free tonite though) didn’t drop below 30 degrees Celsius. No breeze at all. Mossies liked it. Slept very haphazardly, woke up all the time, and when morning light finally arrived I found myself really dehydrated because of all that night sweating.

    Tuk-tuk. El Salvador.

    Am sure that El Amatillo is part of the reason why border towns have such a bad reputation globally. Just wanted to leave that shithole right away in the morning, after my müsli and diet coke for brekkie.

    Volcan San Miguel (2.130m), El Salvador.

    It’s another crazily hot day cycling through the lowlands of El Salvador. No surprises here. I end up drinking nigh on 13 litres of liquid today. Zombie feeling inside of me. Not feeling social at all. No random chit-chat with the locals along the way. There simply isn’t enough energy for unnecessary things like that. Whenever I’m off the bike for a drink in the shade, my body automatically goes into this energy-saving mode that makes chit-chatting impossible.

    Heat's nearly killing me...El Salvador low-land chilling.

    Luckily, most people seem to understand this mode around here. Looking like this (below) you’d understand too, right, and just leave me with my coke and silencio.

    Me, exhausted and overheated...

    Centroamérica #2, El Salvador.

    I cross 44.000 km (see botton of link) today in the centre of the busy San Miguel.

    Corner shop "The Hope Funerals". El Salvador.

    Usulután, El Salvador.

    When I roll into Usulután in the early arvo, I’ve cycled 357 km in the last 53 hours. Exhausted, content with progress. Check into Motel Los Milagros (which indeed does seem like a miracle, my state of mind/body taken into consideration), have my ritual cold shower followed by a dinner hunt in town.

    Reading the local paper, La Prensa, in a burger bar over a forgettable chicken sandwich, I notice that Denmark leads Group 1 in the qualification round for the World Cup Soccer in South Africa next year. Just gotta be back home with friends etc. before the kick-off…

    Usulután market, El Salvador.

    Usulután Cathedral, El Salvador.

    I thought I was heading straight for the bed, but at the hostel/motel the owner, Claudia (35) strikes up a conversation in the courtyard. She offers me a beer as an early birthday present (a week from now) and I gladly accept. It’s a nice talk. Beer is cold. Still very tired.

    Usulután evening market, El Salvador.

    On this day..


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