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    Day 1.088 – Eating habits & 80s Pop (UK)

    La Libertad -> Acajutla
    Distance (km) : 86
    Time on bike : 3h 53m
    Brutto time: 09.40 – 15.00
    Avg : 22.2 km/h
    Max.speed: 60.8
    Total (km) : 44.247
    Altitude: 10m
    Difficulty: 2½ of 5

    Playa La Libertad, El Salvador.

    Brekkie at the veranda in La Libertad.

    Unless I’m not eating solo (which practically is always), I prefer having something to read in front of me. Newspapers, books, maps, nutricional ingredient labels etc. Just letters. This morning I was amused to see that my müsli bought in Nicaragua has honey bee in it.

    Did I really eat honey bee?

    The Skinny Dog, El Zonte - El Salvador.

    When I left La Libertad this morning, I was sure that I was just heading some 20 km further west to one of the black sand beaches that dot the coastline named Costa del Bálsamo. Need a rest. But somehow I convinced myself that this ain’t no beach holiday, but a cycling expedition, and thus I did what I always do, and continued towards Guatemala after a visit at the Playa El Zonte. Black sand beaches never really did the trick to me anyway…

    Playa El Zonte, El Salvador.

    Túnel #1 out of 5 on today's cycling in southern El Salvador.

    Great coastal cycling in El Salvador.

    Plant + Sea


    It’s going to be such a mayor change in my life when I get back to Denmark when suddenly I don’t have to think about constant progress, movement, filling up water bottles, reading maps, applying sun block on my shoulders, planning the next food stop, recharching batteries for my army of electronic gadgets, and hundred of other, small quotidian things that make up my life these years. To suddenly focus on something that is not (directly?) connected to WT and my egoistic solo project. Am somehow looking forward to that, and yet I know that getting back to Denmark, getting used to non-movement (or maybe creating another sort of movement, ‘coz movement I do like) will be an even greater challenge for me than the physical ardours and joys of WT that I’ve become used to by now. Weird thought.

    Acajutla town scene, El Salvador.

    It’s not that it’s all new to me in Central America, but 80s pop seems to be the only thing that really matters on the music scene here in El Salvador. From car stereos, front porches, markets, and busses you hear all the classics from the 1980s. Blondie, Scorpions, Whitney and what not. Funny, that 80s pop obsession, or maybe they are just a bit slow and suave around here? What do I know…

    Coffee time!

    So far, my 4 nights in El Salvador has cost me 26 USD, haggled down from a total of 33 USD. (5->4, 8->7, 10->7, and 10->8, for the record). Standard has been (surprisingly) low, but still somehow acceptable. But hey, at 6.50 USD/night on average, I’m not complaining.

    Acajutla town scene, El Salvador.

    On this day..


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