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    Day 87 – The bicycle is smiling again…

    Ankara -> Sereflikochisar (hotel)
    Distance (km) : 156
    Time on bike : 7h 5m
    Average speed : 22.03 km/h
    Total (km) : 4372

    The bicycle is incredibly happy to be put on the road again and, just outside Ankara, it rockets me ahead like a projectile. It breaks it’s own record. The speedometer reaches 78 km/h, and the bicycle is solid as a rock.

    Tune of the day: “Skygger af Skoenhed” – C.V. Joergensen

    Aside from the many kilometers, it was a relatively easy day without the rough hills. Not much variation in the landscape before the salt lake Tuz Gülü shows up. A huge area which supplies salt to the rest of Turkey.
    You don’t need to explore the far reaches of Bolivia to see an impressive salt lake. Very beautiful and very special experience.

    In Sereflikochisar, after 156 km, I bargain with the hotellier at Hotel Has and have him come down from 20 YTL (1 Turkish Lira= 3.80 DKK) to 10 YTL. I was very pleased to find there was also a TV in the room, so I could see the Football World Championship.

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    1. Morten Says:

      Måske du skulle overveje at tage et hurtigt smut til Frankrig for at hjælpe kyllingen lidt i Tour de france? For som du køre kan du vist nemt være med…

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