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    Day 89 – Cappadocia, the Dream Land!

    Acigöl -> Göreme (cave pension)
    Distance (km) : 39
    Time on bike : 2h 39m
    Average speed : 14.59 km/h
    Total (km) : 4547

    Fresh apricots have become a new hit for me here in Turkey. They taste heavenly and
    you can get a kilo of them for around 6-8 DKK. I devoured a kilo the other day – enjoyed every single one of them! (30 apricots, and still no sign of a bad stomach!)

    Slept nearly 11 hours at the shaded camping spot in the middle of the grape orchard. Ran out of fuel for the stove – so no coffee this morning. Actually it feels like I’ve needed that cup of coffee all day, I feel a bit zombie like. Maybe I’m still in “Expedition Mode” – or maybe I am just tired after the many kilometers on the road these last few days since Ankara.

    In Göreme I find, after some hotel-recognisance, Anatolia Cave Pension, where I have my own room for 38 DKK which is partially carved out of the strange rock formations. Perfect.
    Göreme reveals itself to be a very cosy place. The city is very manageable (pop. approx. 3,000), and it is placed in the middle of a surrealistic landscape of cone shaped rock formations in different shapes and sizes.

    I go off on my own for a while, walking for a few hours in the area (Love Valley and Zemi Valley), which is some of the most special, strange and fantastic I have ever seen…

    Tune of the day: “Taylor” – Jack Johnson

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