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    Day 90 – Planet Earth in a new dress?

    My body is buzzing with an adrenaline rush this morning. I have waiting a long time to see Cappadocia, and now- waking in my little cave to a sunny morning- I can hardly wait to get out there an explore on my own and give the photographers for National Geographic a run for their money!
    I ride North, towards Cavusin, and turn off the gravel road and into one of the low valleys that is indicated on my useless tourist map. Soon I find myselfsurrounded by enourmous and very mysterious rock formations- the kind you might only otherwise set eye on in a George Lucas film. Many beautiful tunnels, created by centuries of erosion along the dried river bed, where I now walk. The sun is warm and the sky is blue. Fantastic views from the steep cliff walls, where there are carved carves, dating from the 1st centuries A.D. I have the whole area to myself, and the adrenaline is pumping.

    Cave in the cliffs overlooking the impressive Cappadocia, Central Turkey.

    Back in Göreme I happily meet Argentinian Pablo again. We cycle until dusk- up to Aktepe Hill, where we enjoy good man talk and the setting sun over Cappadocia… La vie douce.


    Hung out in my grotto with a cool Efes beer and a free, deep conversation about the higher meaning of life.

    On this day..


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