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    Martin during execise for WT exepedition (near Copenhagen, Denmark)

    A lot of the time the past weeks has been spend with execise so I can join the WT expedition again. Progress has been fairly OK and I’m now biking almost 50 KM a day which was my initial goal for when I felt I would be ready for joining Nicolai again. Actually I believe that I can bike more but I’ve learned the hard way not to push myself too much or proceed too fast. It’s been nice to be so physical active and I can feel how my body enjoys to be used. When I didn’t bike I was working out in Fitness.dk / ABC studio under Ander’s supervision (Training manager)

    This all means that I now feel that I’m ready to join the expedition again and as a matter of fact I’m right now in Tyrkey! Indeed! Back on the road again!
    First time around not with Nicolai but with my girlfriend Kimi. We flew to Antalya on Thursday and are spending a week together here before Kimi travels back home again and I get out to meet up with Nicolai. It feels great to be “out” again. The weather is perfect and we get a great tan at the beach 🙂

    Martin & Kimi in Antalya

    The plan is then to get to Ankara and get the visa stuff done.

    The bike didn’t take any damage during the flight from Copenhagen to Antalya. Great!

    It won’t be long before you can expect daily dairy update again from me. But first I’ll enjoy the last days here with Kimi… 🙂

    On this day..


    5 Responses to “Turkey!”

    1. Fjumse Says:

      Jeg venter dig med aabne arme, Pablito! Det bliver sgu godt at faa foelgeskab igen…Nyd Antalya og det kvindelige selskab 😉
      Nicolai, Cappadocia

    2. Anette og Kurt Says:

      Hej Martin !

      Dejligt at høre at du nu er klar til igen at følges med Nicolai. Nyd ferien med Kimi..og hils…….og måske ses vi alle et sted derude i det fjerne på et tidspunkt !?

      Hilsen Anette og Kurt (Nicolais mor og far)

    3. Martin Says:

      Hejsa! Tak for ordene! Jeg hilser Kimi!


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