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    Day 1 (95) – New beginning

    Martin - ready to return to WT expedition!

    Then the day came.. The day which I had been looking forward too with part anticipation and dread. Time to join the expedition again and time to day goodbye again. It’s never easy to say goodbye and it’s also too personal to write about here.

    As the picture shows the bike and I was ready to depart and after noon I started the 11 KM long trip to Antalya “otogar” (bus terminal) and around 2 o’clock I was on my way in a compy bus towards Ankara. The 9 hour long trip went fine. I was drinking a lot of tea, reading and listening to music on my ipod. Yes, good service onboard! Lemonwater to my hands and everything. The steward even made sure to spray perfume on the air-con before he crawled into a little 100×100 cm hole to smoke his cigarettes. It didn’t remove the smell of cigarettes but created a nice little chemical environment in the bus. It didn’t seem to bother anybody and not me either – but I couldn’t help smiling a bit over the poor steward in his little hole.

    The landscape we were driving though was beautyful. Mountains, lakes and rivers.

    We arrived late to Ankara and after a bit of chaos I found my way out of the gigantic bus terminal and into the city. After been driving around for a while trying to find a decent hotel I crashed in otel Ahmar in ULUS part of city. Prize 25 lira (down from 30)

    It was not easy to calm down and fall asleep but I succeeded in the end and got fantastic 5 hours of sleep before I woke up again at 7 o’clock. Time to get those visas!

    On this day..


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