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    Day 95 – Develi ->Yesilkent (wild camping)

    Develi -> Yesilkent (wild camping)
    Distance (km) : 126
    Time on bike : 7h 18m
    Average speed : 17.19 km/h
    Total (km) : 4910

    Tune of the Day: Life`s What You Make It – Talk Talk

    I’ve put up the toilet frequency to the doubble here at the lovely, Turkish family in Develi – not because I really need to but in order to get just a little, quiet time among all the new faces and the constant try to appear friendly and sympathetic. It’s a demanding task that requires resources that I partly get in the breaks out there…(besides, I think noone would question all my visits to the toilet after all those cups of chai)

    The butterflies here have a strange kamikaze attitude towards life. Often when I cycle they head straight towards me and end up there lifes in the rotating spokes of my front wheel. Not sure if the entomologists can explain this dramatic habit or even not of it!

    This cute little puppy follows me for a few kilometers outside Develi. I pour some water down its tiny throat and it happily catches up with me until I with a broken heart have to leave it at the next down hill…


    I cross 4 mountain passes today, 1520 to 1990m. Naked, rough nature in the brown mountains. Crazy downhill just after the highest pass (top speed is still a secret!)

    The mountain pass of the day: Gezbeli Gecidi at 1990m

    One of the many small extras by picking the minor backroads – the local life of the roads. Children on their way to the fields…


    Outside of Yesilkent I find a little spot for my tent among the wheat fields not far from the road. Mountains all over me and the silence is wonderful.

    The sweet life of wild camping...

    On this day..


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