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    Day 1.104 – Leaving Loneliness Behind…

    Pijijiapan -> Tonalá
    Distance (km) : 88
    Time on bike : 5h 20m
    Brutto time: 11.50 – 19.00
    Avg : 16.4 km/h
    Max.speed: 45.6
    Total (km) : 44.951
    Altitude: 40 m
    Difficulty: 4 of 5

    (Translated by Google)

    I woke up a few times last night. Was totally sleepy and definitely not ready to start the day. Felt like a cake taken out of the oven way too early. After breakfast I fade out in my bed with tennis from Monte Carlo on television. Am crazily tired and still zip back and forth between dream and tennis for a few hours. Therefore the tennis battle seem a bit stroboscopic, and so I feel as well. Don’t feel like cycling. The heat of noon is wild.

    Mexican money...

    On the 100 km stretch between Tapachula and Mapastepec yesterday I counted 18 road kills. It was mostly dogs, a few raccoon-like animals, a few birds of prey and – sadly – a cat. The rest were uncertain because of the grotesque and often quite “flat” constitution. There was nothing unusual in this number of roadkills, I just decided to count carcasses yesterday. There were certainly more, because I didn’t exactly scan the roadside, and repeatedly the dreadful stench hit me even if I could not see the dead animals. If you multiply the 18 roadkills/100 km up to 44,806 km, then you get an awful lot of dead meat…

    Fine for throwing trash: 90 minimum wages!

    The prices here in Mexico do not frighten me. Food and drink are very reasonably priced (1 Taco on the street, 0.35 USD, 1 L Coke Zero, 0.80 USD ex.). Accomodation, however, is significantly more expensive than in Central and South America, and is often around 10-20 USD/night, but the quality is correspondingly much higher than I have been accustomed to over the last 8 ½ months in Latin America (cable TV, private bath, good beds, fan, towel and mini soap is the default), so it not unfair.

    Endless asphalt! Chiapas, Mexico.

    I listen to music almost all day long. Because I can not live without it, and – my psychologist might add – because it has a therapeutic, calming effect on me on this long odyssey. I do not want to let loneliness seep into me, is afraid that it will be hard to get rid of again, so I fill myself with music and pace myself in the pedals.

    Sometimes I wonder if this is really where I belong…

    Sometimes I wonder if this is really where I belong...

    On arrival in Tonalá, I momentarily lost my rationality. I spend a ridiculous 2 hours (and 10 km) finding a place to sleep, despite the fact that there are quite a few places in the city. Check out 3-4 places, none of which attract with its mix of high price and low standard.

    I ask around and is told to try another hotel near the highway (where I came from). The place is fine, so I give the hotel guy money for room and believe that today’s Christmas is finally rescued. But the hotel has no food and the city is located 3 km from here. Moreover, the door to my room has no key and there is no cable TV (the tennis semifinals from Monte Carlo was my carrot all day). I have already taken the bike bags off the bike when I change my mind. Apologize to the hotel guy, get my money again and bike back to town. Sick me.

    Cat-fix of the day!

    The good thing about these 2 hours waste of time was that I am now so tired and frustrated that I am completely indifferent to the 280 pesos at the Hotel Tonalá. I managed to haggle down the price 30 pesos (my dinner 🙂 ). Even when tired, the hustler in me is alive…

    It ain't pretty, but it sure is tasty!

    After hotel check-in I find a small food market. I am ordering tostadas (crispy Taco shell loaded with meat and vegetables, delicioso!) and ask about a knife & fork. I get a spoon. Foodmama laughs at me. The man next to me says I have to eat it with my hands. Just like a mango!, another woman adds. There is, in other words, consensus on the fact that we need to get messy here…

    Street vendors in Tonala, Mexico.

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    1. Patty V. Says:

      hey! Sometimes you just have to follow your instincts! When something in you tells you it’s not right you should probably listen. I’ve heard it many times from friends and have followed this “irrational” sense telling me to not do or Do something or other. It takes you donw unexpected but often rewarding paths. There must have been a reason…

      Hehe!! I thought you knew. Messy is always best! 😉

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