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    Day 1.107 – The Unfair Element

    Matías Romero -> Sayula
    Distance (km) : 130
    Time on bike : 6h 18m
    Brutto time: 10.40 – 18.50
    Avg : 20.6 km/h
    Max.speed: 58.5
    Total (km) : 45.284
    Altitude: 50 m
    Difficulty: 4½ of 5

    (Translated by Google, reread by me)

    Rain against the window. It is a strange, dare I say, Danish sensation waking up this morning. I have not seen real rain for a very long time, but it falls heavyly as I go milk-hunting in sleepy Matías Romero. The thought of a rest day passes me, but there is something appealing to the cool 22 degrees this morning – and then the choice is kind of made.

    Coffee + ice cream break...

    With the rain I knew pretty much what I had to deal with from today’s start and the rainy cycling is a welcome change. Had I, however, known about the ridiculous headwind that blew me in my face for over 120 kilometers today (just think of how sick it is!), I would’ve probably stayed in bed this morning. I am frustrated and hysterical because of the unfair element – shout and curse over the rolling Mexican landscape.

    King of Sudoku...

    Rain stops at 1PM. The wind has no stop button. Don’t want it. It is mentally, physically stressful. I am trying desperately to find something to keep my thoughts busy with, trying to find a peg to hang them on, because it is hard to face the reality of the long headwind roads in front of me, hard for the psyche. I am thinking of Australia, of all the faces back home that I have not seen in more than three years and that I miss big time, and it reassures my mind for a while.

    Mexican countryside...

    Once again there is plenty of heckling, hooting, and honking from passers-by. I ignore most. Don’t feel I have the energy to greet and smile back, and even lifting my arm in salute (and thereby change my entire body weight on the bike – quite painful for the already hard-pressed pressure point – seems a waste of effort and distraction of mental concentration, that I really need on a windy day like today.

    Zapatería in Sayula, Mexico.

    About sunset I finally reach Sayula where I check in to assumedly the only hotel in town (Portal de Santa Rosa, I think) at a record-low 100 pesos (7.50 USD) for a clean, simple room, right next to the plaza with the strange church that looks like something from an theme park.

    5 out of the last 7 days I’ve cycled 130 km or more. Overall 840 km or 120 km/day on average.

    I have a small taco party in a small taquería, 1 hour internet, a new taco party at the same place, then good night Zülle.

    Sayula cathedral at dusk...

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