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    Day 2 (96) – Visa hunt and Guzden

    Kocatepe camii - close to where Guzden lives

    Nicolai had hooked me up with his hospitality Club host Guzden. Guzden and I had exchanged some emails and I call her in the morning where she immediately invites me to her apartment. She lives very close to the big mosque Kocatepe camii (see picture) At the place I meet her and her boyfriend Ant – it’s funny to meet her after hearing about her from Nicolai. Guzden and ant are super nice and she tells me that she have to go away for the weekend – but I’m welcome to stay here and live in her apartment. Wow amazing and incredible sweet of her!

    Then the big visa hunt begins. It’s a longer (and bit boring story) so I’ll spare you. It involves seaching for the moved uzbekistan embassy and when I finally found it I had to visit it in 3 rounds before I got the visa. At some point I had to wait 2 hours and those I spend eating and visiting the Danish embassy to get a recommandation to the Embassy of Turkmenistan for visa applying. It tooks 10 minutes of work and cost me 165 lira (!!) That’s in the area of 650 DKK. Crazy. And yes – it was the recommandation which Nicolai managed to write himself, hehe 🙂 – I guess I should have tried the same. Anywas – after getting the visa to Uzbekistan I raced off to the embassy of Turkmenistan but unfortunatly they had closed for visa appliations for the day. Bummer – meaning I have to wait until Monday. It had been a long day and I walked back to Guzden’s apartment to see a bit of the city and cool off a bit (which was difficult when walking in 35+ degrees..)

    At Guzden’s place I’m met with chilled melon and nice talking with her and her friend. Ant joins us later and even later Altay, another of Guzden’s friends, joins in. Guzden then leaves for her weekend trip and Altay and I eat dinner, drink beer and have a good talk about everything from religion, Turkey, Christinia, work and Japan. Later we go out to meet his girlfriend and visit some of their friend in their just bought apartment with a huge terasse.

    During the day I meet Yannick twice. He is – together with 2 friends – in the middle of biking from Geneva to Shangai. They are taking the route through Iran and from there to Turkmenistan. Nice guy and it’ll be fun to see if we meet again. Their website is here.

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Day 2 (96) – Visa hunt and Guzden”

    1. Joan & Gerner Amor Says:

      Hej Martin og Nicolai !!!!!

      Dejligt at høre det gÃ¥r godt for Jer begge og at I snart er forenet igen. Vi gÃ¥r og pakker MCerne og snart er vi igen pÃ¥ vej til “Træf pÃ¥ Toppen” i Skagen. Vi vil helt sikkert savne Jer deroppe i Ã¥r. Vi vil dog forsøge at nyde musikken, mjødet og det “særlige lys”. Dog vil vi specielt savne Nicolai`s evne til at sparke dæk sammen med de lokale. Asger og Anne taler om , at det er træls at storebror Martin ikke kommer den enorme lange og regntunge vej fra København med den vÃ¥de Nicolai pÃ¥ bagsmækken.
      Kærlige hilsner
      Asger, Anne, Joan og far.

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