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    Day 1.108 – The Price of Progress

    Sayula -> Cosamaloapan
    Distance (km) : 116
    Time on bike : 6h 22m
    Brutto time: 10.00 – 18.30
    Avg : 18.0 km/h
    Max.speed: 41.1
    Total (km) : 45.400
    Altitude: 30 m
    Difficulty: 3 of 5

    A few morning shots from Sayula:

    Chicks for sale...

    Meat vendor in Sayula.

    4-5 km north of Sayula I reach the autopista, that along a beautiful, relatively flat toll motorway (which cyclists are not required to pay for) sends me in a northwestern direction throughout the day.

    Piñas aka pineapples

    Oh, yeah, Vera, I'm coming your way...

    Koga Miyata + Road + River

    The sun smiles at me, the emergency lane (shoulder, i.e.) is wide and (again relatively) free from the worst roadside rubbish and junk (nails, wire, stones, glas), so I am happy today, and have a nice atmosphere inboard, in particular thanks to a blessing series of shuffle songs in my iPod. Focused and concentrated from start to finish.

    No one really seemed to care about it here...

    Tune of the Day: Walk In Fire – Doves

    Swamp near Cosamaloapan, Veracruz State - Mexico...

    It is a great surprise to arrive at Cosamaloapan in the early evening. There is a carnival in the city and the streets are full of Mexican meat (both the human and the BBQ variety). I arouse too much attention, though, when I pull through hordes with my gear in search of a place to sleep. People are happy and drunk. I am tired and dirty.

    Carnival in Cosamaloapan, Mexico.

    Hotel Roble (160 pesos) on the main road is my saviour.
    I’d planned to just relax all evening after 8 days in a row on the bike (956 km), but the carnival sounds seep into my room and lure me out of the nest. Thousands of people are gathered in the streets to witness the long procession, which primarily consists of open platforms with dressed-up carnival people (most, inc. the drag queens, very lightly so) and large speaker systems drawn by tractors, latest models. It is organized madness.

    Carnival in Cosamaloapan, Mexico.

    Carnival in Cosamaloapan, Mexico.

    After my taco dinner, a local family strikes up a chat with me at the end of the main street where hundreds of carnival-people are united under the loud street music. I meet the whole family and am bombarded with WT-related questions. The family (3 generations) is really sweet, and if I had not had nearly 1000 km in my legs/body over the last 8 days, I would have taken up the offer of a beer and hung out a bit more with them. But I do not have the energy in me tonight.

    Carnival in Cosamaloapan, Mexico.

    It comes with a price tag to totally work yourself out in the saddle each day. Progress has its price, and so it has always been…

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