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    Day 3 (97) – Ankara

    Silly walks of the guards at Anitkabir

    Today I decided to look around in Ankara. The first visit went to Anitkabr – The tomb of Ataturk. To be honerst it wasn’t all that pretty but I guess I’ve allways had a facination of huge (almost vulgur) constructions. I take some pictures and observe the silly walks of the guards. Then I walk to the old part of town and the old citadel of which the city rose from.

    Ankara citadel

    There’s an amazing difference from one part of town to the other. I walk from the embassy quarter with huge villas and big cars to small odd streets and decrepit buildings. Funny contrast. I walk around all day and look at the life of Ankara. Drinking a lot of tea. One of the places I sit down to relax and write my diary and drink one tea after the other. When I want to pay for the tea the owner will not hear of it..

    Ant comes around in the evening and we talk and drink beer on the terrasse. Later on we go to Altay’s girlfriend’s place where a group of people are gathered to watch dias from a trip to Paris, Luxenborg and Barcelona about a month ago.

    It’s super nice and later on we move out on the terasse (does everybody live on the top of the building in Ankara??) At some point I’m completely overwhelmed by the situation. Sitting there in the middle of a group of strangers who all treat me super nice and I participate (somehow) in the fun there always is when you are in good company.

    Ataturk tomb at Anitkabir, Ankara

    On this day..


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