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    Day 1.111 – A Stylish Coffee

    Morning coffee in Veracruz, served the slick way:

    A "lechero" (coffee w/ milk) served with style, the Veracruz way.

    I have a few errands to do today. Get some new tubes (auto valve) for my rear wheel (after the blow-up the other day), more glue and patches (the big ones for car and truck tubes, with which my success rate at fixing flat tires is much higher), duct tape for my handle bar (the old tape keep messing up my hands ‘coz the sticky side is exposed) – in Spanish it’s cinta para ductos, should anyone ask – new wallet (zipper’s gone in the old one from Thailand 2007)…

    Café Catedral, Veracruz - Mexico.

    The Peanut Vendor.

    Socially, I haven’t been very extrovert since I left Antigua some 11 days ago. Truth be told, I haven’t really had any proper conversation apart from the random and daily WT run downs that I do automatically and without much enthusiasm. Don’t blame me, that story’s been told soo many times and it doesn’t exite me any longer.

    Note-taking in the central plaza (zócalo) in Veracruz.

    I thought tonight would be the night for a bit of socializing, but the bar I entered at around 8PM was packed with dancing locals, very loud – and poor me hadn’t even had a single beer to straighten my mind! It was almost too much of the good stuff, I was too sober, and so I left after my first Corona Beer. Excuses, oh, I know ’em all…

    More live acts in Verzcruz...

    Dancing in central park. Veracruz, Mexico.

    I had a nice, homemade ice cream instead later on. Friday night in Veracruz, with an ice cream – an ice cream! that I’d have loved to swap with a little princess – in my hand. Doesn’t look too good, Nicolai, does it?

    Nievería (ice cream shop) in Veracruz. Yummy sorbets!

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Day 1.111 – A Stylish Coffee”

    1. Lisa C Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      Ways to answer the bazillion questions:

      1) “?Yo? Estoy locales. Yo soy de Oaxaca!” (Me? I’m a local. I’m from Oaxaca!)

      2) “Please visit my website to have ALL your questions answered and then some!”

      3) “Well, the condensed version is–I am on a 4-year mission to share Satan’s news–wanna hear more??” (a little snarky, but should work well in Catholic countries)

      4) “I would love to talk with you, but am afraid I might have been exposed to the Swine flu! Now if you’ll excuse me….” (see how they scatter and run away!)

      5) Along those same lines…wear a name tag that says “Contaminados”. They will just get close enough to read your name and bam! bye bye questions

      6) Start the story from the day of your birth in lovely little Middelfart and make it as loooooong as possible. “Why am I on this journey? Well, it all began a long, long time ago. You see, it was a chilly, spring night, and my mother knew the time had come….she grabbed her pre-packed overnight bag, and my father’s hand and off to the hospital they went. I was born 6 hours later a happy and healthy baby boy with a sense of adventure….” Just keep going on and on…

      I have many more, but you get the gist. Now I can’t help you with the staring part, but can only suggest a little brunette dye perhaps? Or an evil mask, but it might get hot under that.

      Your friend as always,

      Lisa 🙂

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Hahaha…That made me laugh, Lisa!

      Ad. 1 – Am too blond to trick the Mexicans. I guess.

      Ad. 2 – I sometimes apply that technique, in a slightly kinder way. Me being me. 🙂

      Ad. 3 – Inspirational!

      Ad. 4 – I´m gonna start with that feat tomorrow!

      Ad. 5 – Love that idea. Will try it out too…

      Ad. 6 – Am afraid that people would just tag on and keep listening. People here in Mexico seem to have a LOT of time on their hands…Plus would take a lot of effort of me all the time…

      Lisa, thanks for the interest.

      Am still smiling!

      Nicolai (Tampico, MX)

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