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    Day 1.113 – A Woman On My Sarong

    Playa Mocambo, Veracruz - Gulf of Mexico.

    Tune of the Day: Invincible – Muse

    A breezy Sunday in Veracruz. I grab a local bus and go along the nice Boulevard towards the city beaches that dot the coast south of Veracruz. Lying on my sarong, listening to Muse, two girls suddenly pop up and ask if they can take a photo with me and their friend. No probs. Another lady shows up and I invite her to have a sit on my sarong for that photo. Girls are all laughing and it’s all a bit weird. A man near by indicates that I need to put my arm around the lady, and so I do. The group of people (around 20), that the lady on my sarong is part of, then start yelling “sexo, sexo, sexo”, clapping their hands, laughing their asses off. I laugh too. But find the sex thing on the beach a bit too daring. Madness. Next thing, the girls want some full-body celeb-shots and they go crazy with their cameras. Should have asked for a tip. Just a little celeb tip.

    Well, what can I say? The joys of travelling a bit off the beaten track? The joys/burdens ( 🙂 ) of being blond? At least I asked for a photo too. If you don’t believe I had a 40+ year old woman on my sarong on the beach today…

    Random lady and I. Playa Mocambo, Veracruz.

    Boca del Rio architecture, south of Veracruz, Mexico.

    Boca del Rio and Veracruz skyline...

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