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    Day 102 – Sunrise at Mount Nemrut

    Narince -> Siverek (hotel)
    Distance (km) : 63
    Time on bike : 3h 39m
    Average speed : 17.16 km/h
    Total (km) : 5358

    My inner watch woke me up at 3.15AM at the time our hotel manager should have given us the wake up call. Slept really bad because of the damned moskitoes on the roof. Soon we were on the way to Mount Nemrut in our private hired car. It was still dark and we arrive and hour later at the 2150m high mountain together with quite a few other tourists. The horizon’s red and we wait for the sun to rise on the eastern terrasse along with the rock formations shaped as human beings that a local megalomaniac king ( (Antiochus 64-38 BC) built on top of the mountain. Earthquakes havetoppled the heads from most of the statues and today many of the bodies sit silently in rows with their heads watching from the ground.




    The sun rise was just as magic as I’d hoped. The sun rose behind the mountains in the distance and some minutes later it finally let go of it’s grip and impressed me with it’s deep red and perfect circle.
    The area kept my mesmerized for a few hours but the tiredness got hold of me as soon as we got back to the bicycles in Narince.


    We leave Narince and head towards the feribot iskelesi (ferry jetty) where we end up in the middle of a Jordanian wedding group also waiting for the ferry across the great dammed lake, Atatürk Baraji. Again we’re the centre of attention and together with the brutal heat of noon it really wasn’t the most memorable ferry cruise for me!

    For the last 30 km of the day the traffic is light and the landscape harsh and stony. The farmers have a hard time making the crops grow here. Goat and sheep herds appear occationally and in the sky eagles are waiting patiently for a sudden prey.


    In the outskirts of Siverek I wait for Pablo while crowds of youngish boys gather around me. Very frustrating. “Where is you name, mister?”, “Good morning!” (it’s 4PM!) and “What is your from?” and that sort of non-sense. Don’t think that Siverek has seen tourist for a long time. Everyone in the street (i.e men in all ages – the women are only rarely to be seen in this rather conservative city) stops and glazes at us in a way I thought only children could glanze and then they greet us in the ways just mentioned. I fix a room for us in a modest hotel down town (bargained prize 20 YTL instead of 40) ‘cos we’re both tired after a loong day and need some privacy.

    On this day..


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