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    Day 5 (99) – Nicolai

    Sunset seen from Guzden's apartment in Ankara

    I wake up early this Monday morning. I don’t get up right away and try to fall asleep again. My body is a bit wiery after all the raki the night before. Suddenly the door bell is ringing. Then again. Hmm.. Guzden told me that under no circumstances were I allowed to let anybody in. The bell keeps ringing- Insisting that I do something so I get up and buzz the person into the building. After 5 minutes somebody is knocking the door and a brief look through the door spy expose a dark skinned and light haired Nicolai outside the apartment. The door is quickly opened and the joy of reunion is huge! It’s really nice to see him again and we talk and talk.

    After the most pressing stories are told we vist the Turkmenistan embassy to get/apply for visa. Nicolai gets his and I applied for mine. I can get mine in 10 days- We then decide to get back on the expedition and continue where Nicolai left in the eastern part of Turkey. Late at night we get to the huge Ankara bus terminal, secure tickets and are soon underway on one of those 12 hours long trips that I “love”…

    Bike ready to eat in Ankara otogar (bus terminal)

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