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    Day 6 (100) – First real day on the bike

    Time: 2:17:43
    Trip: 36.4 km
    Total: 138 km
    Avg. 15.8 km/h
    Max: 66.8 km/h
    Max temp.: 50 degrees

    We arive to Adiyaman at approx. 11.00 after a terible bustrip without much sleep. Ah well, I try to get some life into my body again, the bikes are being made ready and we eat kebab at the bus terminal before we start cycling to Kahta. It’s been a while since we last were biking together and it feels great! It’s super hot and quite though. The termometer is climbing up at 50 degrees (in the sun).. I don’t remember a lot from the trip except the landscape, the varmth and the chitshat. I spot a huge orange spider on the road and not even Ace Ventura (Nicolai) want to get to know it closer. I hit another personal best on my way down a hill. 66 km/hour. It’s not that we are trying to drive as fast as we can but it’s automaticaly goes rather fast downhill when you carry as much as we do and of course it’s nice to get cooled down once in a while (even if some of the winds feels like a hairdryer..)

    We arrive to Kahta and pitch our tent at a camping site. The evening goes with drinking a little bear, tea and coffee. I write article for MetroXpress and spend some time on the internet. It’s great to get a little news from home and chat a bit..

    Sweating Martin on first real bike day in Tyrkey

    On this day..


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