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    Day 7 (101) – First the heat, then the hills

    Time: 4:02:33 (10.00-19.00)
    Trip: 53.2 km
    Total: 191
    Avg.: 13.1 km/h
    Max: 58.9 km/h

    Martin on bike in mt. Nemrud area

    If Nicolai the day before had made the heat a factor in his training program for me then today is characterized by hills (mountains!) I promise you that it went up and down! We also get some doubtful looks from the locals when we tell them that we biked all the way..

    The day starts out with breakfast consisting of lots of coffee and bread at the local tea salon. Of course we engage in conversation with some of the men at the table and soon we try to figure out the family relations. One of the men has 10 kids which caused a lot of respect from the rest of the group. I was asked about the mohammed cartoons (I didn’t quite understand the question..) and I waived it away with a gesture of my hand indicating how awful the whole situation was.

    Sight from burial mound with mt. Nemrud to the right

    First stop on the way was an old burial mound from 36 BC. Artificially made hill with some columns around it. From the hill it was possible to see mt. Nemrud and enjoy the fantastic view. As a matter of fact we could see this same hill from several places during the day.

    Castle in mt Nemrud area

    Next stop was an old Roman bridge and after a rest during the midday sun we biked further on to some fantastic ruins of an old castle located on a mountain ridge with a small village underneith. We used some time to climb around in the ruins and quickly agreed that this would probably not be allowed in Denmark because of security issues. Parts of the ruins are resting on very thin foundation. Lunch we eat in the village.

    The plan is to drive to Karadut and try to arrange morning trip to mt. Nemrud to see the sun raise. We get started.

    It’s incredible hot and the landscape is going up and down merciless. Going down is not bad but going up is really a killer where we crawl with 6-7 km/hour in first gear with sweat dripping.

    Kids in village on way to Narince, eastern Turkey

    We drive through a little village where we get cold water from a spring- While Nicolai gets the water I try to do my best entertaining the horde of children suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Later on we take some pictures and have fun..

    Still there is 30 km to go and they take all the energy I have left. This is without a doubt the toughest physically thing I’ve ever done and when we arrive to Narince where we decide to stop for the day I’m completely busted. Tired! We get to stay on the roof of a resturaent in exchange for eating our dinner there- Good deal since the food is nice and cheap. We also make arrangement for an early morning trip up the mountain at 3.15 next morning. Unfurtunately we are eaten alive by mosquitos during the night (we sleep outside in the open just with our sleeping bags) despite Nicolai’s ensurements that there will be no mosquitos because of the wind. Yeah right 😉

    Martin and kids from village in eastern Turkey

    On this day..


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    1. Sam Says:

      Hej Pabs & Fjumse!

      Med VM i fodbold i frisk erindring (med Italien som verdensmestre) er det pÃ¥faldende, hvor meget Pablo (i den blÃ¥ cykeltrøje) ligner Gennaro Gattuso (blot skal Pablo igen lade det sorte skæg gro…sÃ¥ er billedet fuldendt). I hvert fald er der dømt italienerdreng for alle pengene…men navnet “Pablo” forpligter jo ogsÃ¥.

      Fortsat god cykelfest – holder mig til Touren i fjernsynet (nok ikke helt det samme).


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