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    Day 105 – Kurdistan

    Diyarbakır -> Silvan
    Distance (km) : 82
    Time on bike : 4h 30m
    Average speed : 18.31 km/h
    Total (km) : 5538

    The stomac is Danish again!

    Tone of the Day: Josh Rouse – Winter in the Hamptons

    Walk along and on top of Diyarbakirs old city wall and have a first glance at the legendary Tigris River. Pretty nice thought having cycled all the way from Denmark to the Tigris River…

    The legendary Tigris River east of Diyarbakır

    Again the landscape is a bit boring and not too varied with harvested wheat fields and constant hills – and then there was this fine Roman bridge…

    Roman bridge across the Batman Baraji (dammed lake) in Catakkoprü

    We’ve now come to the Kurdish region. Whenever we stop we talk to people that tell us that they are Kurds – not Turks, for Gods sake! – og it seems very important for them to make the differences between Turkish and Kurdish culture clear for us – and obviously the identify with the latter. No one knows for sure how many Kurds live in the border region of Eastern Turkey, Northern Irak, Western Iran, Northern Syria and a small fraction in Caucasus ( See map) but some accounts say between 25 and 40 mio. Interesting change in the sociocultural landscape for the WT-boys!

    We are now around 150 km as the crow flies from the Iraqi border and this proximity is felt by the Iraqi busses on the roads this afternoon.

    Giant grasshopper on Nicolai's jersey

    In Silvan (64.000 citizens) we are told by the police that the area is very bad for camping. Unfortunately they don’t let us pitch the tent in the nice grassy space inside the police station. We are then led to the “teacher’s hotel” by a proud police assistant.

    In these days of the superheroes the city of Batman might have gained a certain popularity...

    The boys in town are crazy and don’t give us one second rest. I try to ignore them by keeping a motionless and indifferent look. And everything is fine until a little bloke on his bicycle says to me “Hallo, sexy!” Where did that come from? Soon the usual “Hallo money” is heard everywhere around us and we back to normal again…Damned kids!!!

    It’s now 9PM and Eric Zabel (aka Martin) is already in his bed. It’s been a tough day for him and he’s become all slim after the rough cycling and the verying daily programmes that Zülle (I) make up 😉

    (The evening/night took a suden turn later on…to be continued)

    On this day..


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