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    Top 30 Songs For My Funeral

    I might be a wee bit on the early side with this one, but better early than never. Jesus only lived until 33, like me, and I doubt he got to choose the music for his last crusade…

    1. One – U2
    2. Socker – Kent (S)
    3. No One’s Gonna Love You – Band of Horses
    4. Autumn Leaves – Eva Cassidy
    5. A Thousand Hours – The Cure
    6. Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley
    7. Cold Water – Damien Rice
    8. Gravedigger – Dave Matthew’s Band
    9. Fade Into You – Mazzy Star
    10. In My Heart – Moby
    11. Into My Arms – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
    12. Crazy Mary – Pearl Jam
    13. Karma Police – Radiohead
    14. Hyperballad – Björk (I)
    15. Wicked Game – Chris Isaac
    16. Ett Slag För Dig – Tomas Andersson Wij (S)
    17. Love Is Stronger Than Death – The The
    18. So This Is Goodbye – Stina Nordenstam (N)
    19. Today – The Smashing Pumpkins
    20. Afraid Not Scared – Ryan Adams
    21. Skygger af skønhed – C.V. Jørgensen (DK)
    22. Fluorescent Lights – Windmill
    23. King of Sorrow – Sade
    24. Pretty Good Year – Tori Amos
    25. I See You, You See Me – The Magic Numbers
    26. The World At Large – Modest Mouse
    27. What If – Coldplay
    28. Endless – Claus Hempler (DK)
    29. 20.000 Seconds – K’s Choice
    30. Ode To My Family – The Cranberries

    () signify country of origin of the Nordic songs: I, Iceland: DK, Denmark: N, Norway: S, Sweden.

    On this day..


    3 Responses to “Top 30 Songs For My Funeral”

    1. Ferre Says:

      Hello Nicolai,

      Since I’m in Bangladesh I don’t look so frequent to your story anymore.
      After some months I gladly see that your journey continues.
      Keep up your fantastic work!

      Greetings from
      Dhaka, Bangladesh

    2. asep Says:

      I don’t see the police in the list.It’ not so oldies,isn’t it?Anyway,keep pedaling!

    3. Alastair Humphreys Says:

      A very cool list and a perfect daydreaming way to kill time as you pedal down the road!

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