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    Day 8 (102) – Mt. Nemrut sunrise

    Time: 4:03:01 (10.30-17-15)
    Trip: 63.4
    Total: 254
    Avg: 15.6
    Max: 64.1
    Max temp.: 54 degrees

    Sunrise from mt. Nemrut

    I hardly get any sleep during the night because of the annoying mosquetos and when we are “waken” at 3.15 I have to shake off the sleepyness and get into the clothes. Into a car and directly to mt. Nemrut where we enjoy the rising sun.

    We are not alone. Quite a few people are wandering around and shooting some pictures but it doesn’t take long before most going back down and we have the place for ourselves.

    Martin and Nicolai at mt. Nemrut

    Back in the car after a quick cup of tea and down the mountain again. At this time I’m pretty tired and doze off (Nicolai is already sound asleep in the backseat) but suddenly I’m awaken by the driver who is spraying some lemon water on me and a good part towards the backseat and Nicolai. After that he pulls out a small bottle and pour some thick perfume on both my wrists (same procedure on himself of course) – now we are really some nice-smelling and comfortable men – and we send smiles both ways!

    After a little breakfast and an hour’s sleep it’s back on the bikes. This is going to be a tough day.

    Around noon and after about 30 kms we pause at a little marked to get some kage and cola and biscuits. Again we try to communicate but things are not going too well until the woman in the marked go and gets a dictionary- Way to go! Finally time to get rid of some of the misunderstandings.

    On the bikes again. It doesn’t take long before we arrive to a small ferry berth, where we have to cross a bug artificially dammed lake. There is a long line of cars which we don’t understand at all because we haven’t hardly seen any traffic the past hours. We get to know from a German guy that there is a big wedding and the small ferry almost only carry the guests back and forth.

    The hot ferry with the wedding guests

    Fortunately we manage to sneak onboard with a little hassle. Unfortunately I run into the groom (from Jordan) but luckily the print from the wheel could be brushed away easily. During the passage I observe the highest temperature on my bicyclecomputer so far. 54 degrees! Hot hot hot!

    After the crossing we just want to get away from all the people and the noise and the heat. However it doesn’t take many km before I start to get serious thoughts. I haven’t filled my water bottles at the last stop and I don’t even have a full bottle left and what I have is so hot by now that I can hardly drink it. There are no villages on the map for the next 30-35 km. Pretty serious thoughts which I keep for myself.

    Martin after getting a lot of water from much appreciated spring

    Furtunately there is a spring coming after a while. It’s hard to explain how much joy a little spring can give. I drink, rinse my clothes, drink even more, pour water over my head and my legs and fill my 3 water bottles to the edge. Puh! Saved in (almost 🙂 ) last minute! Suddenly life is a little easier.

    Nicolai has gone ahead when I get the next crisis (after about 20-30 km more) I’m tired, it’s hot and it tough. The crisis is averted with some good music from my ipod. The Danish group Veta. Probably the best Danish music since Claus Hempler. Amazing. It gives me a boost.

    It pretty crazy how much attention we get when we arrive to Siverek. Some places the traffic stops alltogether and people are yelling at us, asking us questions, stopping their cars, waving at us etc. etc. The kids are following us yelling hello, hello, hello, hello, hello and money, money, money, money in one go and it’s all a bit tiresome.

    Eat. Hotel. Internet. Goodnight!

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    1. Bex Says:

      Hey Pablo,
      Gost at læse din dagbog igen 🙂

      Men hvordan går det med knæet??? Det virker som om du er helt frisk igen!


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