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    Texas, USA

    Just a quick midnight note here from Rockport, north of Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.

    Exit Mexico, enter USA:
    I crossed the border at Matamoros/Brownsville yesterday (after 1.5 hours of interrogation, bagage search, finger prints, photos, interviewing and the rocks) and was blessed with a sweet tailwind that brought me a whopping 170 km north, to the village Riviera (the Texas, not the French version) where I guerilla camped behind a gas station after sunset. A beautiful, fist-in-the-air kind of start of my US road trip. It’s damn hot, I drink way too much Diet Coke, but otherwise, life’s treating me fine.

    When Texan Hospitality Kicks In:
    This afternoon, after some 120 km of cycling) I was picked up on the highway by a lovely lady Kathy who invited me to come and stay with her and her husband David (72) in their house in Rockport up the road. “No” wasn’t exactly in my mouth. And here I am. Installed in “my own” room, am as clean as ever, recharged (but really tired now way past my bedtime) after a great evening with Kathy and David, at a Chinese super deluxe buffet, and at home with probably the best that Texan hospitality can offer. Feel very overwhelmed and happy having met these people. Think those mental shields and shells that I talked about the other day have disappeared already :-)

    The Route:
    A rough route through the US is to go through the southern States (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida (maybe Georgia)) staying fairly close to the Gulf of Mexico on the way, including, needless to say, New Orleans.

    Expect sort of long delays from Camp WT. Haven’t seen many internet cafes. Seems like most people have their own PC’s which hardly surprises, does it.

    Stay tuned – I’ll be back whenever I can with more updates from this, The Land of the Free, that I’m really excited about and eager to get to now (bits of)…

    Nicolai (who held a gun + shotgun + rifle in his hand tonight, a first of…This is Texas after all!)

    On this day..


    10 Responses to “Texas, USA”

    1. Maria Says:

      You made it across the border. Did the immigration want to see a return ticket out of the US before they let you in?
      So what comes after Florida – Africa and Europe or just Europe?

    2. gianfranco Says:

      hi my fellow, are you sure you’re in the The Land of the Free?

    3. Brian Perich Says:

      Sounds excellent, Texas is the best of the southern borders…hope tail-winds continue and I like Maria’s idea about you hitting Europe again and riding through Africa, after all, your on Cycling Cloud 9 now, where dreams are made and the roads go on…Good Luck & God Speed to the next stop! ^^BP in Kimchiland

    4. sage Says:

      It’s a pity you’re staying so far south. Missing the best of the US in the west and in Alaska. I’ll be in Boston in the fall if you decide to make your way to New York and New England, it would be a blast to see you! Happy trails.

    5. Mark in Vancouver Says:

      yes, you’re missing out on the West, it’s only spring, you could take a detour.

    6. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Maria…

      The immigration didn’t ask for any return ticket. But I did tell them about my plans etc.

      I’ll figure out the exact route after Florida once I get there…


    7. Nicolai Says:

      Yes, Brian, Cycling Cloud 9 is just where I am!! (aka Louisiana)…

    8. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Sage…

      NYC is still not off the possible plan. This East Coast keeps luring me. We’ll see after Florida. Will keep in touch, Sage.

      Cheers, Nicolai

    9. Nicolai Says:

      Gotta make a decision, right, Mark? This is not the 4X4 type of travelling where you can just zig-zag back and forth…

    10. Oakley Mens Says:

      Oakley Mens…

      WORLDTRAVELLERS.DK » Blog Archive » Texas, USA…

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