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    Day 9 (103) – Siverek resting

    We are up at 8 and get down to get some breakfast. Still everybody is mystified by seeing us. Can’t really be many tourists coming to this city (which is not even mentioned in our guidebook) We are offered tea and bread. Everything is paid by a elderly turkish gentleman who lived many years in Germany.

    Unfortunately Nicolai got some Africa-belly so we stay in our room most of the day. Later on we manage to ship home around 6 kgs.

    While we are out eating a man comes up to me and ask if we are from Denmark. I concur and he reply that he had heard it “in the city” that two person where visiting from Denmark. Funny.

    The evening ends with a glass of Captain Morgan and cola.

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    Organising all our stuff in a small hotel room in Siverek
    Organising all our stuff in a small hotel room in Siverek

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