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    Day 106 – Night troubles in Camp WT

    Silvan -> Baykan
    Distance (km) : 84
    Time on bike : 3h 45m
    Average speed : 22.25 km/h
    Total (km) : 5622

    Village between Silvan and Bitlis...

    The guest of the Month: Nicolai Bangsgaard

    Sleeping under the stars - Baykan, Turkey

    Tune of the Day: Armageddon Days Are Here – The The

    On this day..


    4 Responses to “Day 106 – Night troubles in Camp WT”

    1. Søster Mette (til Martin) Says:

      Hvem passede så på min bror?

    2. Peter fra LUKSUS Says:

      Hey Martin og Nicolai

      Giv gerne lyd på mailen.

      De bedste hilsner, Peter

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      You’re quite right, Walter Pater is the only justification for Mona Lisa.

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