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    Satisfaction With Life Index

    The Satisfaction with Life Index is an attempt to show life satisfaction (subjective life satisfaction) in different nations. In this calculation, subjective well being correlates most strongly with health, wealth, and access to basic education.

    This is an example of a recent trend to use direct measures of happiness, such as surveys asking people how happy they are, as an alternative to traditional measures of policy success to GDP or GNP. Some studies suggest that happiness can be measured effectively. (From Wikipedia.org)

    The Satisfaction with Life Index

    As most WT-readers would know by now, I like lists of all sorts. Being a Dane I tend to particularly like this one. It was made a few years ago, in 2006, the year I began this expedition.

    …and you might wanna know why I chose to leave that golden country of Denmark, right there on top of that list, but that’s another story for now. It certainly wasn’t because of dissatisfaction with life, I tell you…

    Have a look at the list. It might bring a few surprises. I was in Turkmenistan in 2006 which is #171 on the list. Georgia is #169. Bulgarians don’t seem to be very happy about life, at #164, whereas Brazilians (#8) and Costaricans (#13) seem to have a blast…

    Nicolai (from The Deep South in country #23 on the list)

    On this day..


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