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    Dag 1.133 – Lafayette (del 2) (UK)

    0 km etc.

    The Classic: Edvard Grieg's "Morning" at the Blue Moon Hostel...

    Inside Blue Moon Hostel, Lafayette.

    After some realle sweaty nights in Texas and Louisiana, I decide it’s time to give my sleeping bag a go in the washing machine. The feathers in the down bag seem a bit droopy and we all need a rubdown once in a while.

    US Stereotype #1

    My US beginning has been very overwhelming to me, in a very positive way. I’m eager to get to know this huge country inside out (well, my visa only allows me to stay for 3 months, but I’ll do my best anyway), to get an insight into (bits of) the American cultures (plural, please), to get a grassroot style vision of the country etc. I do love it here.

    The French influence is visible in Lafayette...

    Sculpture in front of the Court House in Lafayette.

    Ever wondered what living in the Frog Capital in The World would be like? I wish I knew…

    Rayne - Frog Capital of The World.

    Gallery shop in Lafayette, Louisiana.

    At the public library in Lafayette I do a bit of a rundown on the tourist brochures and pamphlets. Reading up on Cajun/creole/Louisiana culture – and am now familiar with words like Acadian, rubboard, beignets, antebellum, gumbo, bayou, po-boy… It’s all very interesting to me and part of my American Culture education.

    Louisiana tourist litterature...

    I ran into this fella’ a few times in Lafayette. Marc is his name. He always had a lot of time to talk, lots of stories to tell…

    Mark, the local...

    Didn’t talk to this assumedly homeless guy, but I’m sure he’d have lots of stories to tell too. The world is full of them, stories and interesting souls.

    Weird and homeless in Lafayette?

    Mural in Lafayette...

    Kids cooling off in the park. Lafayette, Louisiana.

    Now what’s the story here? Can anyone enlighten me, please…A Bracelet Tree? I’ve seen a few of them, and the highways are full of these bracelets in the roadside along with all sorts of debris. I actually spend a considerable time scanning the roadside debris, looking for dimes and quarters. It all adds up, and I will soon have enough change from the roadside to get myself a cup of coffee. Free.

    The Bracelet Tree. Lafayette.

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Dag 1.133 – Lafayette (del 2) (UK)”

    1. Lisa C Says:

      Mardi Gras beads! Go to mardigras.com for the lastest on this annual parade and celebration every year. I’m sure you’ll learn all about it in NOLA (nickname for New Orleans, Louisiana)

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the South.

      Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

      🙂 Lisa

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Argh, I see. That makes a whole lotta sense, Lisa. Thanks! I missed the Fat Tuesday this year, but I’m sure I’ll be back to this impressive country that’s really blown (and still is blowing) my mind and it’s all meant in a good way.

      Maybe I should start collecting some of those roadside beads for my next future Mardi Gras…

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