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    Day 18 (112) – Wedding celebration at 2644 meters altitude

    Translation coming soon 🙂

    Ishak Pasa

    Ishak Pasa

    Ishak Pasa

    Ishak Pasa

    View from Ishak Pasa

    Into the mosque, Ishak Pasa

    Mosque, Ishak Pasa

    Decoration, Ishak Pasa

    View from dining hall, Ishak Pasa

    Dining hall, with view to mosque, Ishak Pasa

    Bathroom view, Ishak Pasa

    Room with a view, Ishak Pasa

    Mineret, Ishak Pasa

    Dungeon, Ishak Pasa

    On this day..


    3 Responses to “Day 18 (112) – Wedding celebration at 2644 meters altitude”

    1. James Starkey Says:

      All Danes speak and understand Danish but no non-Danish could possibly understand what you are writing. Thus, why not skip writing in Danish and solely concentrate on writing your travelogue in English?



    2. An Englishman Says:

      To all you Danes, and all the other (shock-horror!) non-English speaking people, on behalf of ‘James Starkey’ I apologize for the above comments.

      That’s the kind of attitude that has British and American soldiers running around most of the world like headless chickens.

      Sorry folks, but do remember, we don’t all think alike!
      Best wishes.

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