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    Tbilisi, Georgia!

    Just a short notice after the long silence. I’m now in Tbilisi, Georgia and I’m very excited about being here (6700 km since Denmark). But I’m tired, tired, tired after 10 mountanious cycling days since Tatvan at the Van Lake in Turkey and I really need a big rest now. Have been riding 1000 km in those 10 days and big things have happened in the WT Camp that will soon be announced…So long! Nicolai

    On this day..


    4 Responses to “Tbilisi, Georgia!”

    1. Mikkel Says:

      Apropos Sam’s kommentar om tøse-garn og manglende testosteron: Sad i fredags med Selma på 4 år og kiggede i Metro-Expres. På hver avisside skulle vi vælge hvem af de afbillede folk vi “ville være”. Da vi nåede frem til Pabs og Fjumses klumme pegede hun prompte på billedet af Nicolai og sagde: “Jeg vil være hende dér!”. Jeg prøvede at overbevise hende om, at det rent faktisk var en mand på billedet, men forgæves. Sandheden skal man som bekendt høre fra børn og fulde mennesker…

    2. nancy Says:

      I think it is impossible for you to be tired…. 🙂 no I cannot believe…

      for me I am perfect in Armenia,

      but I had a bad but “magic” fall, due to a bee… I lost my balance (if you remember it isn’t so difficult to loose my balance) and I falled down, I run a lot 40-45km/h…

      …I destroyed “with a magic way” my left knee, one of my bagage broken…, the lovely black traouser belong to the past… and generaly all my body feel pain…:) the good point is that my bicycle have almost any important problem…

      but everyday is a new day and I continue to cycle, not a lot of km, and I feel good (perhaps sometimes magic 😉


    3. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Nancy…Damn, I’m sorry to hear about your crash! Luckily it sounds as if you’re still up and going with a big smile. The tiredness is now out of my body and I’m on my way to pick up the Azeri Visa (Azerbaijan, i.e.). Tbilisi is a very nice and relaxed place. One might even call it “magic”!

      All the best, Nicolai (Zülle)

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