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    Day 1.140 – Squirrels

    Dayride: 43 km. To Aubudon Park, Bayou St. John, Lake Pontchartrain and back to New Orleans uptown.

    The Ace Ventura action starts right at the beginning of this beautiful dayride through New Orleans. I am, always was, and always will be a cat man, but hey, these animals are cute/cool!

    Squirrel in Audubon Park, New Orleans.

    There were tons of them, all sniffing around looking for hand-outs. Had I had my lunch ready (see below) I’d have even considered sharing it with these guys.

    Squirrels in Audubon Park, New Orleans.

    Dragonfly in Audubon Park, New Orleans.

    New Orleans hwy...

    It amazes me how they’ve managed to turn this otherwise inhospitable swamp land into such a liveable space that is New Orleans. I really like what I see today, and New Orleans keeps crawling further up my list of favourite cities…

    Bayou St. Johns Music Festival, New Orleans.

    Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans.

    Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans.

    There’s lots of stuff going on along my ride today. Some music festival at Bayou St. John and a bit further up the bayou a Greek Festival. People really seem to enjoy themselves this Saturday arvo.

    Bayou St. Johns, New Orleans.

    Greek Festival, New Orleans.

    Near Lake Pontchartrain, hunger pangs kick in. I try to ignore them. No such luck. This big fella saved me:

    A delicious footlong sub from Subway...

    On this day..


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