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    Day 1.142 – Sewing (or trying to)

    It’s been raining cats and dogs most of the day. Not just the odd downpour but some serious buckets along with the occasional loud thunder. The adventure part of me feel like a whimp for letting the rain delay my New Orleans departure, but who cares.

    Looking at possible West African routes, checking visa regulations and climate charts (incl. precipitation, ‘coz they do tend to get some seriously muddy dirt tracks in these corners!), and doing all the logistical/planning things that my WT assistant would’ve done for me, had I had one. But this is a solo project and thus I’ll have to row my own boat.

    I’ve started dreaming about the new Canon EOS D50 SLR camera, the reviews of this beautiful baby are awesome. I sometimes feel that my aspirations and ambitions as a photographer are somehow limited by the scope of my camera equipment, but I guess I’ll have to live with that for now.

    Sewing (trying to) in New Orleans.

    Both of my bike pants have been ripped for quite a while now. The tear’s been growing and growing, and since I’m not exactly Mr. Dressmaker I’ve just been watching the tear grow passively. And lately with a bit of anxiety as well, since the cut got so long (we’re talking 10 cm and growing), that the whole leg of the bike pant probably would fall off some time soon, at a point so high up on the bike pants that it might leave me in an awkward situation with surprised onlookers and exposed agates. We don’t want that.

    Wasn't pretty, but it did the trick...

    So, after all, I decided to try and fix the thing today. It’s been so many years since I sewed anything. Been trying to avoid it, to be honest. But since I’ve done nothing physically all day, I couldn’t justify not trying to do the repair. My grandmom Ella, who – by the way – happened to be a talented dressmaker, probably wouldn’t have been too proud of me (she most likely turned over in her grave just now), but I got the job done, and my repairs will prevent me from getting these weird spots of suntan where the holes used to expose my sugar-white thighs.

    Just before dusk I go for a little Koga spin to and around the beautiful Aubudon Park on the western outskirts of uptown. I take three circular rounds in the park, 22 minutes and nigh on 10 km in total, without my hands touching the handle bar. Not even once. Why? Because I like a challenge now and then and because I like riding my bike without touching the handle bar.

    Tomorrow will have to be rain-free – or at least less torrential as today! Fingers crossed.

    (Photos to come – stay tuned)

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