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    Words from Florida, US…(English only)

    For some reason I can’t update my status here on WT. I guess it’s a sign that I should put these words together then…

    I’m in smalltown Port St. Joe, in Southwestern Florida, where I’ve set up my mobile WT-office (laptop, iPod, harddrive etc. ) at the local library. It’s a beautiful setting for a bit of catching up.

    Days here in the US continue on the same, great string. I wild camp every night, eat peanut butter + jam sandwiches for breakfast, baked beans from the can for dinner, and drink tap water from gas stations/McDonald’s/Taco Bell’s. It’s a very simple life and I’m loving it.

    People are extremely friendly here. Everyone wants to talk, and I’m easy these days. Yesterday, eg. I was handed a 10 USD gift card for the Publix Supermarket by a beautiful soul named Pam near Walton (still FL), with whom I’d just had a little chat in front of that supermarket, while I was resting my legs. How can you be anything but grateful being here, experiencing (bits of) this, in so many ways, great country.

    Robbie and I at Bikes Plus...

    As you may have noticed (through Facebook), I’ve decided to skip my original US plan of “just” going down to Miami. Instead I’ll turn left once I hit the Atlantic coast near Jacksonville, and go all the way up to The Big Apple. I mean, how can I not do that?

    Visa wise, I should be fine (until August 4).

    Money wise, I just need to eat more of those beans (they even come in a spicy Mexican ranchero style that I love) and run into more great people (no one mentioned this time, no one forgotten), and I’ll be fine.

    Physically, it won’t be a problem at all. Body’s strong as ever before. Leg’s know what I expect from them. They know what to do. And they continue to give me the hell of a good time here in the US. God bless my legs.

    Mentally, I’m thrilled at the thought of going up the east coast to New York. There’s even a few Band of Horses gigs along the way that I’ll see if I can catch.

    Where to next?
    From here it’s around 2.200 km to New York. I don’t know when I’ll get there. Over the last 4 days, I’ve pedalled a whopping 560 km, thus averaging 140 km/day, and with that momentum, I’d be in NYC mid-June (which I really have no intention to do). I reckon beginning July, I guess. Maybe. 🙂

    Hope all is just as negotiable and sunny in your corners of the world.


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    One Response to “Words from Florida, US…(English only)”

    1. Liz Says:

      as long as health and willingness allows you, then why not going to NY ! so miami is officially crossed out from your list right?
      baked beans for dinner ? …. you’re just unbelievable !
      have a great week in the sunshine state 😉

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