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    Day 1.147 – The Birds of Freedom

    Mexico Beach -> Green Point
    Distance (km) : 77
    Time on bike : 3h 45m
    Brutto time: 06.35 – 20.40
    Avg : 20.5
    Max.speed: 47.5
    Total (km) : 48.444
    Altitude: 1 m
    Difficulty: 2 of 5

    I’m now on US Eastern Time, which means I lost one hour of sleep last night, but it also means that I’m one hour closer to home. That sweet home of mine…

    Wild camp in Mexico Beach, Florida.

    As usual I wake up early, before sunrise, in my little tent, that I put up on a vacant lot in a residential area near the beach late last night. The early morning dogs all know I’m here, in my nylon bubble, and they’re hanging to come and get a good sniff at me, dragging the leash to get their owner over to my stealth camp site. I’m as quiet as can be, and trying to settle a canine agreement to try and keep them from barking, and just pretend I’m not there, ‘cos that’s how I prefer it when I’m in my tent. To be invisible, unnoticeable.

    Brekkie on the road...It's peanut butter AND jam...and a 1 USD cappuchino.

    In Port St. Joe a local character show me the way to the library, where I set up my laptop and enjoy 6 straight hours of wireless connection to the world (no drinks, no food, no pee, just 6 intense hours of WT work, ‘cos I do care about my readers 🙂 ). Such a great service at the library, staff very friendly.

    WT working at the public library in Port. St. Joe...

    It’s a great 30 km stretch from Port St. Joe to Apalachicola through more lush pine forests with that beautiful smell that I never tire of. Sky’s blue, trees so green (it’s been raining a lot lately here in Florida, not so today), asphalt smooth, tailwind mild. Real heaven.

    Lovely pine tree forest cycling...

    Apalachicola church...

    You can buy this day here – and become a part of the WT Hall of Fame 🙂

    I feel so endlessly free here/now, as if I was in orbit, not in outer space, but around our planet, free-flowing and with one of life’s greatest gifts, The Birds of Freedom, sitting on my shoulders. That sense of freedom makes me very happy here in the US, and sometimes those Birds of Freedom make my eyes all wet.

    5 km bridge across Apalachicola River...

    Leaving Port St. Joe at 5PM I somehow manage to rack up 77 km in the late afternoon. At dusk I turn off Hwy 98 and into an empty construction site of sorts, with a few excavators on site. Since tomorrow is Sunday I expect those monster machines to be quiet in the early hours. Soon the horsefly hell takes over. They are everywhere all the time. My bushman repellent (30% DEET) is only partly successful and a few buggers still give me a nasty bite that leaves a super itchy mark the size of 3 mosquito bites. Very frustrating. Very frustrating when all you want is peace and quiet while you eat your dinner and set up your camp for the night. Even my most vital parts (in a strictly reproductive sense) get bitten.

    Dusk at Green Point, The Forgotten Coast, Florida.

    Nasty buggers! I mean, how do you get a horsefly sucking the bejesus out of your reproductive organ off you? You don’t wanna just slap it as you’d do, had it been sitting anywhere but right there, would you…

    On this day..


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