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    Day 1.148 – Dragonflies (or: Am I Pregnant?)

    Green Point -> Hampton Springs
    Distance (km) : 145
    Time on bike : 6h 53m
    Brutto time: 08.55 – 19.00
    Avg : 21.0
    Max.speed: 29.2
    Total (km) : 48.589
    Altitude: 1 m
    Difficulty: 4½ of 5

    There’s nothing quite like starting your day off with a flat tire – knowing that the bugs will try and kill you as soon as you pop your head out of the tent, oh, my little safe nylon heaven!

    The Forgotten Coast, near Carrabelle Beach.

    Anyway, bugs (some nasty biting flies, the size and attitude of the Central African tse-tse fly. Serious monster!) weren’t all that bad and I was rolling again before 9AM.

    A bit down the road Carrabelle Beach was a treat. At the public restrooms I had an outdoor shower, shampoo and all (first time in 10 days), great facilities, right on the pretty beach. Lots of dragonflies too. And judged by the size of these critters they could be some real bad guys, but somehow the dragonflies did pay attention back in the days when the insects went to school, and they don’t disturb humans.

    Lunch time!

    Florida. Could I live here? Quite easily and happily. Even before my hair turns gray!

    Ochlockonee Bay, Florida.

    “Isn’t it too hot for cycling today?”, a girl asks me from the passenger seat of a pick-up truck while I’m having a drink, cooling off in the shade. “You should be going to the beach!”. The temperature is in the mid-90s (some 35 degrees C) and I couldn’t really disagree, but didn’t feel like another WT rundown so I just gave her a smile and a shrug. On a mission.

    Tune of the Day: Shattered Dreams – Johnny Hates Jazz

    The headwind is mild but consistent all day. It makes for some pretty tough 145 km today. Around 100 km of today’s ride go through beautiful, lush pine tree forests, along dead-straight roads for 5-10 km at a time. I just keep turning those pedals. Round and round they go. At the end of the day I think to myself that I’ve had enough of pine trees for the day. I run out of water before I reach Hampton Springs, due to a complete (and surprising) lack of facilities the last 42 km. Tongue out of mouth like a dog, dry as sand paper, mind focused on that cola.

    Lush cycling in Florida.

    At the counter at a gas station in Hampton Springs I buy a liter of Coke and randomly ask the woman how much a night at the campsite in the back is. I’ve been in guerilla camp mode ever since I arrived here in the US, and didn’t plan on staying in a camp site tonight, but when the women says “It’s 5 dollars, darling”, we have a deal. The brand new bathrooms (80.000 USD I was told) at the Rocky Campground come highly recommended!

    A tired me after 145 km on the road...Hampton Springs, Florida/US

    853 km since I left New Orleans 6 days ago. My ass’s hurting from all that cycling and it looks like a rest day tomorrow.

    I’ve been craving for mustard and pickles lately. Weird isn’t it? It makes me wonder: Am I pregnant?

    I finish off the day sitting on the grass next to my bike and my pitched tent, with a large can of cold beer in my hand, birds in the trees go crazy in the early nightfall, it’s a precious moment, for the birds and for me too…

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    One Response to “Day 1.148 – Dragonflies (or: Am I Pregnant?)”

    1. Diana LaBeau Says:

      Have you watched the love bugs that are in full bloom right now and hooked together? They are funny but make a real mess on car windshields. Glad to hear your ass bothers you … I’m still looking for a seat that isn’t killing me after 20 miles! Not too great for progress.

      We traveled that route and it is beautiful but you are right about the lack of facilities for bikers! Enjoy more!

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