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    Day 1.150 – Explosives In My Knees

    Hampton Springs -> Macclenny
    Distance (km) : 184 (!)
    Time on bike : 9h 13m (!)
    Brutto time: 05.55 – 20.30
    Avg : 19.9
    Max.speed: 34.1
    Total (km) : 48.794
    Altitude: 4 m
    Difficulty: 4½ of 5

    Pre-sunrise cycling in Hampton Springs, Florida.

    My legs are ready as ever this morning after the rest day yesterday. It’s thunder and lightning through the flat, northern Florida, on my way towards the Atlantic Ocean. At 2PM my bike computer displays 121.3 km in Lake City and I see lots of asphalt in front of me still…An absolutely crazy cycling day, more than 9 hours pedalling and 184 km. Time-wise, I think this was the second longest cycling day in WT history.

    Sunrise cycling in Hampton Springs, Florida.

    Sunrise cycling in Hampton Springs, Florida.

    You can buy this day here – and become a part of the WT Hall of Fame 🙂

    Land for sale...Northern Florida.

    I see lots of mosquitoes around here. Taking a leak in the bush in the middle of nowhere, sitting in front of a supermarket having a drink, setting up camp at night: the mosquitoes find me wherever I roam. They are not my friends, though they act like that.

    The bugger that thinks I'm his best friend...

    And I see grasshoppers/crickets the size of sparrows here in Florida (well, small sparrows, anyway)

    Pre-video clip recordings in Buckville, Florida. June 2009.

    The US probably has the most careful and bike-friendly drivers I’ve seen so far, which – together with great, mostly shoulder-equipped roads – make for a great cycling country all together. Road conditions are near perfect. Thus, the US has so far been a very melodic tune on the WT Expedition, the soundtrack of my life.

    Smalltown Florida.

    An hour before sunset, I set up camp a forest behind a gigantic Walmart Distribution Center north of Macclenny. Mosquitoes are insane, but the privacy is unbeatable.

    Dollar General - one of several, cheap dollar stores...

    On this day..


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