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    Day 1.153 – A Perfect Setting in Savannah

    0 km etc.

    I spend most of the day chilling out in the house on East 52nd Street, while Don’s teaching. It’s the perfect setting for me after some long days on the road: Live semifinals from Roland Garros/French Open in TV, wifi in the house, great coffee in the kitchen. Weather is fairly gloomy over this part of Georgia, but I don’t care today.

    An advanced downpipe, one of Savannah's minor landmarks...

    Weather clears up in the late afternoon, so Don gives me a ride in to town in his Honda CR-V, to the historical part of downtown Savannah (oh, I love the sound of Savannah, and graphically it looks charming too). And though I’m still tired most of today, I really like what I see here in Savannah.

    Sculpture in Savannah...

    River Street, Savannah...

    East Bay Street, Savannah.

    Don and I at an Asian restaurant in Savannah.

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