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    Day 1.155 – Savannah Time

    Park in Savannah, Georgia.

    I’m having a great time here in Savannah, with Don and his friends (Kathy, Caroline, Judith, Emily).
    I’ve managed to get out of the gotta-get-moving expedition mode and am not in a rush to get back on the road. Plus Savannah is a fine, fine city, Don’s a great host and is the epitome of southern hospitality to me. Couldn’t ask for more.

    Park in Savannah, Georgia.

    The tennis final from French Open in Paris, a little tennis with Don on some free courts near by (it was great, but kind of frustrating to be back on the court, ‘cos that long line right hand has become so rusty, and that backhand seems to be not working at all), going to the movies (Goodbye Solo, a low-key social-realistic US movie that I really liked), dinner at Ardy’s with Don and Kathy – was all on the agenda today. And a bit of a drizzle from above, but that’s no news.

    Going to the movies in Savannah, Georgia

    Don's tooth is just as sweet as mine!

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