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    Day 1.158 – Georgia to South Carolina

    Savannah -> Near Osborn
    Distance (km) : 135
    Time on bike : 6h 28m
    Brutto time: 10.20 – 19.30
    Avg : 20.9
    Max.speed: 43.8
    Total (km) : 49.206
    Altitude: 2 m
    Difficulty: 4 of 5

    Leaving Don's home in Savannah, Georgia.

    Don left me a kind letter when he left (work) this morning. I take it easy, getting ready for the roads and enjoying the last comforts of a coffee machine, a fridge, CNN and stuff. My bike gets a quick rinse in the front yard. I’ve been spoiled here in Savannah and I want my dear bike to feel a bit of that too.

    Bridge over Savannah River...

    Highway 17 crosses the Savannah River via a huge concrete bridge. At the entrance a sign says “No cycling” and since I’m in an obedient mood today, I turn around, find a cop and ask him how to get to South Carolina on my bike. The sheriff just looks indifferently at me, shrugs his shoulders and points towards the bridge. I tell him about the no cycling-sign, but he doesn’t seem to care at all. Had the police men on the bridge over the Mississippi River done the same when I entered New Orleans a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have had to spend the last 400 meters on the bridge in the back of a locked up police car. The world is an inconsistent place sometimes.

    Welcome to South Carolina!

    It’s a hot day in South Carolina. Mid-90s (35-36 degrees Celsius). Nothing too interesting to look at. Roads are often shoulder-less but drivers are considerate as usual here in the US.

    During an afternoon drink break Henry, a retired gentleman from Colombia (SC’s capital city) starts talking to me, I fend off the questions with the usual WT rundown answers, and at some point Henry takes his brand new Blackberry and starts interviewing me while videoing the whole thing. Should’ve probably asked for a generous tip after the interview. I mean, this fellow could easily sell this live interview once I get rich and famous…

    I don’t find any quarters, dimes, nickels, or even pennies along the road today.

    River in South Carolina...

    After Jacksonboro I turn off Hwy 17, hang a right on to the SC Dep. of Transportation road and find a very nice clearing in the woods, perfect for camping. I’m starving and exhausted after todays’ 135 km. My eyes look hollow like a ghosts’. Need a loong nights sleep.

    My Facebook Status: (Nicolai Bangsgaard) was surprised to see how many mosquitoes attended last nights’ open-air “Free Human Flesh BBQ Everything-Must-Go Midnight Madness” at my wild camp site in the woods in South Carolina. My neck and arms, in particular, were very popular among the buzzing bugs…

    It actually wasn’t quite that bad, and the bushman spray (repellent) did a great job again.

    At 20.20 I’m on my stomach (favourite sleeping position, BTW), ready for a massive 10.5 hours of sleep. Insects and nocturnal wild life of the woods are just getting for action now…

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