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    Day 1.160 – Quiz Time in Charleston!

    Ahh, such a great and relaxed morning on Sheppard St. Patricia has left a fish fillet with grits and veggies + coffee for my breakfast. So sweet.

    It’s all about Charleston today. I pack my survival kit (cameras, lenses, iPod, sunblock, city map, wallet) and head in to town, flip-flop clad under the bright southern sun.

    Charleston post man...

    Musician, Charleston - South Carolina.

    Charleston Library Society.

    Charleston (126,567 inhab. (est.)) is easily manageable on foot (flip-flops) and boasts lots of beautiful southern architecture, numerous wicked churches (I’m still in the Bible Belt after all), and an all together chilled atmosphere.

    Charleston Broad Street.

    Horse carriage, Charleston.

    “This is such a great place”, I keep repeating to myself all day as I wander the historical streets of Charleston.

    At the same time I know that part of my joy for the city also covers the joy of having taken the decision to stay another day here in Charleston instead of just letting my urge to keep moving take control.

    Walkway, Charleston.

    Charleston scene...



    Gone fishin'!

    3 hours non-stop sightseeing creates a huge vacuum in my stomach. An Indian buffet (6.99 $) on King Street takes care of that. I’m the only costumer in the restaurant, and I eat and eat and eat.

    Now it’s your time to participate here: It’s quiz time!

    Indian buffet, Charleston...

    In that Indian Restaurant I eat so much:

    a) that I could almost fit my jeans again
    b) that it felt like my solar plexus would explode anytime soon, or
    c) that Daddy Indian in the kitchen started thinking that this 6.99 $-buffet thing wasn’t such a good business after all

    (Answers further down this page…)

    Cobble-stoned street in Charleston's French Quarter...

    Classic Charleston

    Woman making sweet grass basket...

    Charleston downtown...

    Lamps. Charleston Market.

    More carriages. Charleston dwntwn.

    Carriage in historical Charleston...

    Colonial Street, Charleston.

    Charleston wood and steel.

    Charleston Museum.

    Answer of today’s WT quiz:

    If you answered a), b) or/and c), you’re right! All three answers are true. Congrats!

    Iron works. Charleston.

    Empty church in Charleston.

    After a cat nap, dinner (deliciously made by Patricia and Kathy), and playing with the furry animals in the house, Patricia and I go to a nearby bar for a series of good beer, talk and socialité. Surprisingly, this time I manage to stay on my feet all night (what the Hell are you talking about, Nicolai?), and it’s a great night out. To find Funny The Way It Is with Dave Matthews Band on the hightech jukebox made my night musically.

    Squirrel in Marion Square, Charleston, South Carolina.

    On this day..


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    1. Caroline Says:

      You have a great eye for a picture, glad you enjoyed a friendly night out here in the coastal empire!

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