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    Day 1.164 – Patient At The Operation Table

    The Band of Horses gig is on Thursday so it looks like I’m going to hang around town for a few days. Since I’m in good hands here in Wrightsville Beach with Bryan and Robby that just seems like a chance to rest my weary bones for a little while. Body thanks me. I thank the guys.

    My bike getting ready for the big operation!

    Bryan’s made hash browns and scrambled eggs + coffee for brekkie, all ready as I wake up late morning. As said, Robby’s a bike mechanic in town and he’s kindly offered to have a good look at my bike that’s been needing a bit of love for some time now. My idea was to get things fixed once I hit New York, but I just can’t let this opportunity go. So off to the “hospital” (Bike shop Two Wheeler Dealer) we go, Bryan and I, with my Dutch lady patient in the back of Bryan’s Honda Accord.

    Robby at the operation table...

    While Robby takes care of my bike (she’s rushed to the emergency room and operated immediately 🙂 ) I’m given a beach cruiser bike and go sightseeing in historical downtown Wilmington that’s situated on the eastern banks of the Cape Fear River. Lots of great architecture, very relaxed and charming feeling around here.

    Clapboard house in Wilmington, NC.

    Different transportation. Wilmington, NC.

    Cape Fear River, Wilmington, NC.

    Cape Fear River, Wilmington, NC.

    Cape Fear River, Wilmington, NC.

    Meanwhile, Robby’s been working on my bike all afternoon and has done a great job:

    *New rear cassette
    *New chain
    *Brakes (front + rear) cleaned and adjusted
    *Cables cleaned and oiled
    *Front hub overhaul (new ball bearings + grease)
    *New slim saddle! (and a kind of sad goodbye to my original Brook’s saddle after 54.000 km)
    *New bike shoes! (and a sad to-come goodbye to my Diadora bike shoes, the only pair I’ve ever owned, after 54.000 km)
    *New handle bar tape (on top of the other 3-5 layers of ad hoc tape, dating back to autumn 2005)
    *New pulley wheel
    *Extra break pads
    *New rear tire
    *New teflon oil

    54.000 km and goodbye to the great Brook's saddle...

    All that would’ve been 264 USD, but thanks to Robby I get it all for an amazing 152 USD. I’m such a lucky bastard sometimes. A huge thanks to Robby for his expert overhaul. I now feel so much more ready for West Africa and rumour has it that my Dutch companion has never been happier.

    This is how I like it!

    As if all of the above wasn’t enough, it turns out that my front wheel rim is worn after 54K km. Braking with the front brake is very uneven and I decide to call it a day on behalf of the good old Mavic 721 rim. A new rim’s ordered and on Thursday a new front wheel will be built for me (at an additional 100 bucks, but that’s what it takes to get my baby rolling smoothly again). Exciting!

    Chilling with Robby and Bryan...

    Robby, me, and Bryan at the beach house, Wrightsville Beach...

    At night Bryan, Robby and I go out for dinner at the Bluewater Restaurant in Wrightsville Beach Marina. Three guys, three beach cruiser bikes. I like that. Setting at the waterfront is great as is the food…

    Wrightsville Beach Marina...

    BlueWater Restaurant, Wrightsville Beach.

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Day 1.164 – Patient At The Operation Table”

    1. carolyne Says:

      So happy to hear that things are going well in Wrightsville Beach. Sounds like you found yourself some awesome hosts 🙂
      Just disappointed there isn’t a ‘full body’ shot of the happy Dutch princess…

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Am getting the new front wheel built today (Thursday June 18th) and will def. post a “full body” shot when the operation is over, Carolyne… 🙂

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