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    Dag 1.165 – Corvette + Banjo

    Wrightsville Beach, NC.

    Wrightsville Beach, NC.

    Wrightsville Beach, NC.

    Corvette, 1988.

    Corvette, 1988. 5.7L. Scary stuff!

    Me and Robby in his 1988 Corvette...

    Snake Dog India Pale Ale...

    Nicolai and Robby at the Mellow Mushroom Restaurant.

    Bryan and his band, Possum Creek...

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Dag 1.165 – Corvette + Banjo”

    1. Scott Says:

      Did they let you drive the 88 corvette ? How was it ? True Americana.

    2. Annie Says:

      Good to see you in my home state! I discovered your trip through your photos of Turkey while I was living in Istanbul, so it’s cool to return home and see you here in NC as well. I’m living in Charlotte, and since your post from Wrightsville was a week ago, you’re probably long gone, but let me know if you are in Charlotte and want a place to crash or hang out or whatever.
      Happy travels!

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