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    Day 1.166 – Band of Horses

    0 km etc.

    Nearly 50.000 km after I bought my first-ever pair of cycling shoes, the worn Diadoras below, I decided to call it a day on their behalf. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too hard emotionally to just dump them in the bin after 3½ years of trustful cooporation. Ungrateful is the human beast!

    Old meets new...

    New saddle, new handle bar tape are among the visible changes that Robby made on the bike the other day. Can’t wait to put my hands on that fat handle bar!

    New saddle perspective...

    So tonight’s the night I’ve been waiting for for quite a while. My first live gig with the heroes in Band of Horses. Cameras were not allowed at the show in Myrtle Beach’s House of Blues, so no visuals from the concert that I’ll never forget.

    Bryan, Robby and I, the Wrightsville Beach Trio, cruise down to Myrtle Beach, some 70 miles south, in Bryan’s Honda Accord, and get to the doors 15 minutes after the Horse guys started rocking. Shock! I quickly forgot about the shock though, as we entered the show. Wow! Could hardly believe it was all happening before my eyes, in my ears.

    I could write a novel about the show, I guess. But my time is short here at the library in Virginia, so suffice to say that it was a fantastic show, goosebumps and head-rocking, and it was definitely worth cycling almost 50.000 km to see that show. They played all the tunes that I’d hoped for and then some. Even a tune from their upcoming album Night Rainbow (Read review of the gig here)…

    Robby, me, and Bryan in Wilmington after the Band of Horses gig...

    The trio heads back to Wilmington where the joyful times continue in the bars and on the dancefloors of Wilmington that actually puts up quite a vibrant night life this Thursday night. How I’ve missed hanging out in cool bars with cool guys and girls…

    Dance venue in Wilmington, NC.

    On this day..


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