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    Dag 1.180 – Kina og Japan (UK)

    Beautiful architecture in D.C.

    When I take a look at the Washington, D.C map, I feel fairly familiar with what I see by now. The major sights, the neighborhoods, the lay-out of the city etc. It’s a treasured feeling for me.

    Chinatown in D.C.

    Chinatown is still on my want-to-do list, so today is Chinatown day (or rather Chinatown hour, the area is not all that big). According to a sign on the door, the Full Kee Restaurant is among the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in USA. The 5.75 $ lunch deal was great and filling.

    Fortune cookie, Chinese restaurant in D.C.

    Downtown D.C.

    Street musician at Dupont Circle, D.C.

    In the evening Trina, Mike, and I go for a walk to Georgetown where the crazy and fun movie “The Hangover” entertains us, after a Japanese sushi and beer dinner near Dupont Circle.

    Sushi dinner with Trina and Mike in D.C.

    Fountain in Georgetown, D.C.

    On this day..


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